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ARCA Gold Cup Series - 100 laps at Toledo Speedway, June 6, 2014

The field was all set, Dennis had a great starting position.

You can see Bill waiting to strap Dennis in.  I took these pictures from on top the spotters stand with my Samsung Galaxy 5!

Our good friend Nick Bailey talking to his family before he gets in the race car.

After the race is over the kids come to the pits to play with Missi.  It was a rough day for us, testing from 9am to 12pm then

Racing in the same day.  The race car had mechanical problems the whole race, a brake blower shorted out, then a seal came loose in

the rear end causing it to leak oil on the rear of the car for 3/4 of the race.  Of course we didn't know any of this till the race was over. 

We were lucky to finish 5th.